The networking industry just passed an important milestone with the ratification of the IEEE 802.11n standard for wireless communications. This development opens doors to new applications over wireless and in some cases the complete reliance on WLAN in place of LAN networks. Unfortunately, with opportunity comes complexity!

Whether looking to implement a WLAN for the first time, or planning to upgrade an existing lesser capacity WLAN, enterprises need to consider the pros and cons of 802.11n capabilities over what is soon to become legacy technology. Price points will drop on WLAN hardware for “a/b/g” networks and this will enable “more for your dollar” scenarios for organizations that can’t justify the higher costs of a wireless “n” infrastructure. However, a correct business decision on WLAN architecture will not be based on a simple cost comparison. 802.11n dramatically expands the range of potential WLAN applications. The value proposition for “n” must be looked at against near and long term business and technical objectives.

The evaluation process should include a review of the business objectives of the organization over several years. Questions like the following need to be considered:

  • Will the organization be looking at VOIP or rich media content over IP and will delivery over WiFi be a consideration?

  • Is there a need for IP surveillance systems, network storage systems or WLAN instead of LAN infrastructures altogether for new locations?

  • Are there “road warriors”, or “corridor warriors” who need mobility and a solid solution for fixed mobile convergence to remain connected while minimizing cellular network charges? If considering VoIP as well, will dual mode phones reduce the number of desk phones needed?

  • Will secure wireless point of sale solutions or RFID asset inventory or tracking be required?

COMU Networks knows wireless and wireless network enabled applications. We have deep experience with wired LANs as well, giving us the perfect background for secure, converged networks (wired and wireless).
We can help your organization with WLAN transition and new deployment planning so you make wise decisions to meet your current and future needs.   

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COMU Networks

COMU Networks has solutions for end-to-end, secure, converged, mobile networks.

Whether implementing a new wired or wireless network, VoIP, IP Surveillance system or Fixed Mobile Convergence solution, we can help you architect and implement seamless solutions that minimize cost and maximize ROI.






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